How to Increase Your Blog Page Rank?

  • January 26, 2016
  • Tips

Of course you are not going around asking everyone to read your Blog? So how do you ensure that it is hit more number of times? Watch the Page rank of your blog. Page rank of the blog often called the PR is totally dependent on the number of backlinks that you have. Your blog should be linked to some website which is strongly and frequently visited. In other words, Strong link building is needed to ensure Page rankings for the blog.

How to Increase your Blog Page Rank

Mystery to Increasing the Page Ranks

Page ranks for your blog can be increased by –

  1. Having Relevant Backlinks: Getting page ranks by this is a time consuming process. Make sure there are incoming links to your blog from highly ranked and well targeted websites. For instance, a blog which has a central idea of finance may have backlinks to or the Wall street journal website etc. This would surely boost the blog’s page rank.
  2. Forum Participation: Forum is the best way to have attention from more number of people. More your blog is discussed, more it is visited and more page ranks it has.
  3. Up to Date Content: Content if backdated always is least interesting to its readers. So, make sure the blog is always on the current lines of information.
  4. Quality Blog: Always write original content. Copy pasting from somewhere isn’t a good practice because it will deteriorate the image of your blogging anyways. Also the Search engine may not be able to distinguish between the content and will end up giving credit to the original site.
  5. Use SEO Techniques: Make sure SEO techniques are followed to ensure page ranks. Different search engines have different algorithm to search and index the websites and blogs.

To get backlinked, your blog can be submitted to free directories and social sites. Also, note the indexing in Search engines happen based on only content and not graphics.

Should you Really Worry?

Here’s what Google engineers say about Page ranks –

“We just update the PageRank exhibited on the internet Plugin a few times the year; this can be each of our reverential touch that you should fret less with regards to Authority that is one among more than two hundred signals that may affect how your website is crawled, found as well as ranked.

Pr is definitely an simple measurement to concentrate on, but just due to the fact it’s easy doesn’t suggest it’s a good choice for you as being a website operator. If you want metrics, we might motivate you to definitely take a look at Analytics, think of conversion rates, ROI (return in investment), relevance, as well as some other metrics that correlative to purposeful benefits for the site or business.”

To conclude, Page Ranking is all about inbound links. They are the ones responsible for increase and decrease in the page ranks. But since it’s got nothing to do with SERPs, it should not be the priority point for your blog. To have successful blogging response, one needs to concentrate on targeting traffic to the Blog and SERP’s.